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Our Process

All relationships with our clients begin with a comprehensive financial plan. The objective of this is to gather a clear understanding of what’s important to you. Included in this process is assessing both your short and long term goals and your entire financial picture relative to those goals.  To create the customized financial plan, we must also determine the level of risk you are comfortable taking with your investments. Upon gathering all of this information, we can then prepare for you a financial plan and investment strategy. We will then review these with you at least annually, as your objectives and risk tolerance change, or at anytime you deem necessary.

The Process Consists of Five Parts:

1. Learn Your Goals and Tolerance for Risk - We meet with you to gather the information needed to create a customized plan for you. We learn about your long and short-term goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk.

2. Create Your Customized Financial Plan - We compile all of your financial information and analyze your entire financial situation in light of your financial goals. We review the steps we recommend taking in order to better pursue your financial goals.

3. Create Your Investment Plan - We create a customized asset allocation based on the goals and risk tolerance that we discussed. Your customized allocation would employ our Tactical/Traditional Investment Strategy(see below) that not only aligns with your profile, but that reflects the current economic environment.

4. Agreement and Implementation - At this point, should you agree to the plan, we put the plan into action.

5. Evaluate Progress - Your plan will be reviewed regularly and rebalanced as necessary due to changes in your situation and/or the markets.

We combine Tactical with Traditional Investment Strategies. This reduces the amount of volatility in the overall portfolio, which results in better long-term performance as well as a more comfortable experience for the client. 

In the over 40 years of investment experience our team has, we have learned the following:

1. Simple is more effective

2. Technical analysis is the most accurate tool to indicate major trends in the markets. 

3. Technical analysis removes emotion from decision making which is the primary reason why individual investors under perform. 

Our team reviews technical indicators daily in order to guide our clients, which we believe adds enormous value and better helps them to achieve their goals. 

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We Are Either on Offense or Defense

“Offense” means we can incorporate as
many equities as your risk tolerance
allows, as our indicators are telling us the
market is in a positive trend.

“Defense” means we have moved to a
more conservative allocation, or
preservation mode, as our indicators have
told us the market is in a negative trend.

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